Opening Hours

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Yonge Elmwood

Medical Clinic

Open Sundays, 7 days a week. All patients welcome! We established our clinic in 2016 with the goal of serving the community in North York. Since then we have had the opportunity to meet new patients, welcome returning visitors and continue to provide excellent health care in Toronto.

  • Walk-in Visits
    7 Days a week, walk-in services

  • Doctors Appointments
    Book an appointment with our doctors

  • Parking
    Paid parking available behind clinic!

Family Medicine

We are a diverse team of male and female physicians working to serve your family medicine needs in North York. We also accept Family Walk-in visits.

We provide walk-in clinic services in Toronto with extended hours of service, 7 days a week. Conveniently located at the Corner of Yonge and Elmwood. We have a Chair lift for those requiring assistance.
Outside of a medical emergency, your primary care physician is the "first responder" to your healthcare needs.
Family Care
We are full serve family practice/walk in clinic.
Our clinic can treat minor to moderate injuries saving waiting time waiting in crowded emergency rooms.
Travel Clinic
Our clinic provides preventative vaccinations and a variety of travel clinic services.


Open Sundays

We are open on Sundays! Our extended hours of service, 7 days a week provide acute care for urgent medical needs.

Meet our Doctors

Our experts are here for you every single day! We care about our patients and we do our best to make them happy.

Dr. Rajiv

Family Medicine

Dr. Emily Yeung

Family Medicine

Dr. Jacob Shin


Why Choose Us?

  • Vincent N

    Richmond Hill, ON

    Dr. Balasuriya is one of the most caring individuals I have met. He provided excellent service and I will definitely refer many friends and family to his clinic.
  • James Lan

    Toronto, ON

    I have been there once, impressed by its efficiency. I waited for 20 minutes which is very short, saw doctor for only 3 minutes, was told my condition will go away by itself. It turned out in 3 days that the doctor is right. My impression is they are very efficient., Plus there is a drug store in the same unit, won't hesitate to recommend to my friends.
  • Chris

    North York

    Fast and professional, very easy to deal with for a walk-in clinic with a few staff. Doctor was friendly and efficient, pharmacists as well, I’d definitely recommend this for those in the area without a family physician!
  • Phatcha Chung

    Etobicoke, ON

    The best medical care i have ever experienced since i came to Canada! (9 years) fast and friendly service, very accessible with ttc and they also do free prescriptions delivery for GTA too.
  • Kim Johnson

    Toronto, ON

    I was looking for a walk-in clinic with good reviews and a satisfactory rating. Went in with cold/flu symptoms. I waited about five minutes and was seen by Dr. Chippin. He was very friendly and listened keenly to my concerns. After explaining my condition he asked if there was anything else I needed.  I didn't mind the journey to this clinic - very clean, receptionist was nice and close to no wait time. Highly recommend.